January 25, 2008

I Want to Believe

Just got some smashing news: one of my poems will appear in The Believer...possibly sooner rather than later. I'll keep you posted. The Believer is one of those polarizing magazines--some love it, some hate it. I'm a fan, for reasons that I think are well articulated in this 2005 New York Times essay by A. O. Scott.

If you happen to look at the current issue, check out the cover article on the commercialization of Niagara Falls, by Ginger Strand; it is drawn from her first book, Inventing Niagara, coming out in May from Simon & Schuster. I'm intrigued.


newzoopoet said...

Congrats on the acceptance, Sandra! My favorite quote from Smith's essay is: "If you are an overeducated (or at least a semi-overeducated) youngish person with a sleep disorder and a surfeit of opinions, the thing to do, after all, is to start a blog." Muwahahaha!

Kelli Russell Agodon - Book of Kells said...