July 10, 2006

Check Baby Check Baby 1234

***Self-deprecating announcement: Okay, you know that whole "moderated comments" phenomenon? Didn't realize I A) had it turned on, and B) that it then required review and "publishing" of comments. Didn't even know where to look for responses. I figured the radio silence had just been a function of being a new little fish in a very big pond. So, for the dozen or so people who have taken the time to comment on my blog since I started posting--thank you! And I'm sorry about the inadvertent censorship! Consider yourselves liberated.

And to think, I went to a high school for science & technology.

***DC-centric announcement: For those in the area, two poets reading in town this week who I highly recommend: ERIKA MEITNER of Charlottsville (Tuesday, Miller Cabin Poetry Series) and TARA BETTS of Chicago/Brooklyn (Wednesday, mothertongue at the Black Cat). I heard Tara (pictured at the right) read on Sunday at Busboys and Poets and the woman blew me away. Total control of the stage, the pace, the tone. Very strong blend of political, activist intent with narrative structure--the story doesn't get drowned by The Message. Def Poetry Jam was lucky to have her. And she was the best random AWP Austin roommate ever, courtesy of a Wom-Po list hookup (I feel like a giddy high-schooler with a yearbook and a sharpie pen, scribbling away, but that doesn't make it any less true).

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