January 31, 2010

VCCA: 11

Much as I wanted to stay camped out on the living room couch today, fate--or rather, a breakdown of the heater in the main house--changed my mind. So I'm spending one last afternoon in the studio. One of the pleasures of this space is the plaques on which previous residents have signed off, including:

Enid Shomer (September-November 1999)
Marilyn Kallet (June 2000)
Dana Roeser (November-December 2000)
Daniel Nester (January 2001)
Ha Jin (July 2004)
Don Waters (March-April 2007)
Leigh Anne Couch (April-May 2007)
Josh Weil (June-July 2008)
Kelle Groom (August 2008)
Nancy Krygowski (October-November 2008 / "including the historic election day")
Carolyn Parkhurst (November 2008)
E. J. Levy (December 2008)

Tomorrow morning, I will add my name to the lineage of Studio W-1. I'll take one long, last look at VCCA--now beautifully avalanched in eight inches of snow. Then I'll get on the road. 

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Jehanne Dubrow said...

That's so cool. I love that there some familiar/famous names and, even better, some familiar/Sewanee friends' names on those plaques. VCCA how I miss thee! Oh, and you too, Sandra. I hope to see you soon!!