February 02, 2010

VCCA: Home

If you have ever debated whether an art colony is for you, stop debating. They are tremendously productive. In two weeks I managed to do the following:

7 full-length prose books read
7 full-length poetry collections read
4 literary magazines read
3 chapters revised
12,450 words written

The last thing I did before leaving my VCCA studio: hit "send" on 101 pages--the first half of Don't Kill the Birthday Girl: Tales from an Allergic Life. Hallelujah!

I got back into DC just in time to head up to Cafe Muse and hear Gregory Pardlo and Ed Skoog read their poetry, then go out for a drink afterwards...at which point my 5:30 AM wake-up call got to me. I was asleep before midnight and now face a minor hurricane of unpacking, to-dos, and emails. So I'm off to work, and in the meantime I leave you with this-the first part of a Rachmaninoff Sonata being performed by Inna Faliks, a pianist I hope to work with later this year:

Here is the YouTube Channel for the rest of the piece. One thing I won't miss about VCCA....the sloooow internet connections. It has been a video-less two weeks.


Jessie Carty said...

i keep toying with applying for residencies but this just makes me want to do it more!

Kells said...

Good work!

dylan said...

Hitting SEND--best news of all--congratulations.