January 02, 2010

New Year, New Anthology

Tonight I'm headed to Baltimore for a celebration of the i.e. reader, just out from Narrow House. I read in the i.e. series in April 2008 with Les Wade and Kristi Maxwell--great crowd, dramatic space, lovely evening.

My work lands a little more on the narrative side than most of the i.e. poets, which means I'm particularly grateful for the opportunity to be included. If poets constantly draw toward the extremes of their aesthetic, then we end up with perfect--and isolated--aesthetic spheres. I'd rather work along the messy edges, where there can be exchanges of overlap and inspiration.

With poems from...

Elena Alexander, Bruce Andrews, Michael Ball, Sandra Beasley, Lauren Bender, Bill Berkson, Charles Bernstein, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Miles Champion, Norma Cole, CA Conrad, Bruce Covey, Tina Darragh, Ben Doller, Sandra Doller, Buck Downs, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, kari edwards, Cathy Eisenhower, Graham Foust, Heather Fuller, Peter Gizzi, Adam Good, Jamie Gaughran-Perez, K. Lorraine Graham, Jessica Grim, P. Inman, Lisa Jarnot, Bonnie Jones, Beth Joselow, Michael Kelleher, Amy King, Doug Lang, Katy Lederer, Reb Livingston, M. Magnus, Tom Mandel, Chris Mason, Kristi Mexwell, Megan McShea, Anna Moschovakis, Gina Myers , Chris Nealon, Mel Nichols, Aldon Nielsen, Tom Orange, Bob Perelman, Simon Pettet, Tom Raworth, Adam Robinson, Phyllis Rosenzweig, Ric Royer, Ken Rumble, Justin Sirois, Rod Smith, Cole Swensen, Maureen Thorson, Chris Toll, Edwin Torres, Les Wade, Rosemarie Waldrop, Ryan Walker, Mark Wallace, Terence Winch, Rupert Wondolowski, John Yau, & Geoffrey Young.

Alexandra Stevens over at Radar Redux posted an article on the anthology that includes a mention of my poem "Cast of Thousands" (which will also be in I Was the Jukebox). Thanks, Radar Redux! Mark Wallace had some good words for the collection as well.

If you're in B'more, please joins us for tonight's reading and celebration:

Saturday, January 2, 2010
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
LOF/t (Load of Fun Theater)
120 W. North Ave
Baltimore, MD


t.p. said...

Dear S:

Sorry to have missed the launch. Did you read?

Sandra said...

I did! I read the poem in the anthology ("Cast of Thousands," first in The Believer) and a poem that now belongs to the i.e. series--I promised to read it nowhere else on the upcoming year of book tour. It was a very fun event. Sorry to have missed you, Terence!


Jessie Carty said...

wow what a line up!