January 11, 2010

Too Much Information

I've just had a breakthough idea on how to frame a freelance article I'm working on. The idea came to me in the bathtub, which is often where creative breakthroughs happen. (That would make for a heck of a BAP contributor's note: Beasley writes, "While in the bathtub"....)


The idea did not come to me after a 1 AM viewing of Mamma Mia!, which is unfortunate, because I was really hoping to rationalize that as a productive use of my time. I'm embarrassed to enjoy that movie as much as I do. Julie Walters' gung-ho performance is one of the main reasons, as are the numbers "Dancing Queen" (oddly tuneful) and "Money, Money, Money" (gloriously cheesy).


There is a rotisserie chicken in my refrigerator with "sell by" date of December 28, 2009. Last year's poultry. That bothers me, but it's not my chicken to throw away, and the owner insists he can still find use in it. I am not responsible for whatever follows from here.


I'm writing. Just not on the blog, not this week. But next week I'll be at Virginia Center for Creative Arts, and I look forward to posting a tour. I'll be there through the end of January, other than sneaking out for a night to read poetry at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts' "Art After Hours" program on Thursday, January 21, with sets at 6:30 & 7 PM. If you're in the area, come on out!


Michael said...

Hey, Mamma Mia! has become like a cult film. You don't have to justify it. :)

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(these are getting really interesting)

Kells said...

Too funny-- I also get a lot of my ideas in the bath or shower, but had never thought about it as a bio note. That would hilarious, pls do that.

Also I *heart* Mamma Mia and Abba too.

Eric Kelderman said...
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Sandy Longhorn said...

I have breakthrough ideas in the shower quite often, and sometimes when teaching I let slip to my students a statement like this, "So I was in the shower this morning and it suddenly struck me that... ." Then I realize they are all picturing me in the shower and I blush deep crimson.

BTW: It sounds like the person you share your refrigerator with is a lot like the person I share my refrigerator with. :)

Jessie Carty said...

i hate how often i get ideas while i am driving and my new cell phone doesn't seem to have the audio recording button. darn me and buying cheap cell phones!

--and i'd be scared about the chicken to...