October 13, 2010

The Unemployment Show!

On Friday, October 1, I had the pleasure of driving up to Pittsburgh to be a guest on Dave English's "The Unemployment Show," which is hosted at the Schmutz Lodge on 5405 Broad Street (Garfield neighborhood, for those who know the city). 
We had amazing craft services via "The Goodie Truck," which pulled up to the Lodge an hour before the show to sell sweets.  
The three-story Lodge, which has uneven stairs, squeaky floors, a demonic resident cat named Toots, and a lot of charm, doubles as Dave's house. Dave--an incredibly talented puppeteer and artist in his own right--has generously turned his space into an artist-residency, meaning there was plenty of amazing work on display, both his and that of others. Like cork people. 

Or a chair-cum-attack dog. 

Or an embroidered tank. 
As for the show itself...We laughed, we cried, we gave away some strange prizes. We had a band playing over our heads. The full show can be viewed via the series of YouTube clips below. Enjoy!

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Pete Marshall said...

hi, i have just discovered you at whalesound and also discovered this entry. I am a UK poet who is unemployed and has a series on my blog called "My struggle with Unemployment" I would be honoured if you were to check it out....i dont mean to sound like i am advertising its just that my series has helped so many people...great to meet..regards Pete