October 03, 2010

Today! Yesterday. Onward~

Oh: I'm reading at the Writer's Center today! Free and at 2 PM, details here.  I'll be opening for Ron Slate--a superb poet in town from Massachusetts, whose latest book is The Great Wave. Thought I might mix it up a bit, and read some "Chronic Medea" sonnets as well as selections from I Was the Jukebox.

Also, thanks to Philip Belcher and Daniel Casey's Gently Read Literature for a kind review of I Was the Jukebox, which included the following:

If Sandra Beasley’s first collection, Theories of Falling, showed something of this poet’s promise, her second collection and winner of the Barnard Women Poets Prize, I Was the Jukebox, makes clear that we are in the hands of a talented writer with a strong voice, a vivid imagination, and a bright future. This new collection is all about voice, and Beasley’s is unmistakable and clear.

Aw, I am blushing. You can read the whole review here.

I'll be posting at length about my recent trip to Pittsburgh, where I was a guest on "The Unemployment Show," hosted by my friend Dave English. Yesterday, Dave and I played hooky from our lives and went on a road trip. The destination: Frank Lloyd Wright's Kentuck Knob. Pictures don't really do the place justice, because Wright focused on seamlessly integrating structure and landscape. But here's a glimpse:

Afterwards they tried to tell us it was too late in the day to visit the Sculpture Meadow, but we were having none of that. Here we are, being one with the art:

Later, we stopped off in the small town of Ohiopyle. We watched the sun ebb over the Youghiogheny River. We ordered a couple of local-brew Troeg's Sunshine Pilsners, which were served to us in frosty mason jars. I was introduced to the concept of "French fry salad," which is apparently a concoction native to the Allegheny part of Pennsylvania. Happiness.

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