October 18, 2010

10 Small Forms of Wonder

Some days you have to pause and recognize that, for all its flaws and exhaustions, it is an amazing world we live in. Need specifics? Here we go~

-There are people in this world whose livelihoods are based in the industries of windchimes, DJ'ing, and peanut butter. 

-Wombats are categorized in two main categories: common, and "hairy-nosed."

-Waggle your fingers in some random/rapid range of motion you haven't otherwise used this week. Hadn't you almost forgotten your hands COULD do that?

-Someone bothered to define the anapest.

-You will someday love someone who, when they first came into the world, was a complete stranger whose birth meant nothing to you. Imagine all the things that had to line up for you  to know each other now. 

-A healthy birch tree can produce as many as a million seeds in a single year. 

-Eva Cassidy's vocals--live, mygodshecoulddothislive--on "Autumn Leaves":

-Tater tots.

-Any and every day, people can make videos like this...all it takes is a high altitude weather balloon, a camera you're not afraid to lose, and a dream.

High Altitude Balloon from David Stillman on Vimeo.

-Antoni Gaudi's Sagrada Familia: 18 spires, three grand facades, Cubist and Symbolist detailing. Still a work in progress, to be completed in 2026--a full century after the death of its architect. Of the construction time for the Catholic cathedral, prolonged even in Gaudi's life, he said only..."My client is not in a hurry."

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Stephanie said...

That balloon video made me nauseous but was amazing.

Also, "Autumn Leaves" is one of my Eva favorites. I realized while watching the video that I've never actually watched any videos of her, so now I'm catching up on YouTube. Thanks!