June 09, 2008

Up, up & away

This weekend...after many postponements due to thunderstorms, I finally drove to Charlottesville, had some oysters (and local-brewed porter--god, I miss the cheap beer prices in CVille), woke up at the crack o'dawn Sunday and went up in a hot air balloon. It was lovely. Pictures to come. Back on the ground...last week I received a trio of magazine contributor's copies. Check it out:

-two poems in Hayden's Ferry Review (with an issue theme of "The Grotesque");
-two poems in Hotel Amerika (the issue actually opens, page 1, with a poem of mine);
-and a poem in the June issue of The Believer (I'm in the same issue as...Zadie Smith! Whoa.)

Thanks to the editors for putting me in such a fine company of authors--these are all killer magazines. Really good writing, beautifully produced. I'm giddy.

Update--and my poem "The Natives Are Restless," read by Steve Mueske, is now up at Linebreak!


Justin Evans said...

Congratulations! HFR is one of those places I dream about getting into. Way to go!

Maggie May Ethridge said...

Holy shit! That's awesome- you are in The Believer, one of my favvvorite lit mags!! congratulations. i would be crapping myself. or drinking. hell, both!

with zadie smith...ahhh i loved On Beauty very much. i really enjoyed the family dynamic, i thought it was kind of old school, the way she wrote about them- like Franny and Zoey

I love how the Believer utilizes art, the cover sketchings, etc.

anyway, cool beans, beasley.

Valerie Loveland said...

I love Hayden's Ferry! Congratulations. I especially have to make sure I pick up this issue because of the intriguing theme.

Sandra said...

Thanks! I had to get rejected MANY times, by all these places, before getting in. = )

nate said...

Congratulations, Sandra. As you know, I'm a big fan of your work and it's always great to hear of your successes. On the strength of your poetry, you deserve it. Thanks for sharing the news.