June 23, 2008

(4 AM Sestina Draft)



Justin Evans said...

You people who can write sestinas make me sick! I have been trying to write a successful sestina for years.

I'm just kidding. My so-called frustration is really just pointed at myself. I actually admire people who can do this, and so well!

Maggie May said...

firstly i like your willingness to talk about God. it's ' mauvais gout, mauvais sujet ', bad taste, bad subject, these days...i talk about God in my poetry, although i don't believe in God- to ignore the struggle of human beings to understand the nature of life is strange.

secondly i love the incorporation of occam's razor... an idea that is somehow totally true and totally false at the same time.

thirdly you have a voice, a noticeable voice, which i really enjoy. your poems are not all the same but your voice rings clearly through them.

cc said...

This is a really good poem. I can't believe that it's only a draft of a sestina. I've been working on the same one for a few months and I've only got 3.5 stanzas complete. I'm interested in learning how long this one took you and what your process is in creating sestinas.

Jason Gray said...

Nice job with the sestina. I'd love to see you submit some of these you've been working on to Unsplendid... just what we're looking for.