June 30, 2008

(1 AM Sestina Draft)



Justin Evans said...


You see? This is what I am talking about. You are never going to be elected as Precinct Captain of your local Republican Party Organization by writing poetry that makes people think. Keep in mind all the great pundits who never assume their base can read---Coulter, Hannety, Limbaugh. Rememner, Republicans like their women quiet, dumb, or insane---or all three.

Seriously, I am in awe of your ability to do this sort of thing.

shug said...

Powerful. Like it a lot. Given the distinction between past tense (the scientists'/your aims) and present tense (your regrets)should you write...

"we thought truth...a body dissected WAS to our eyes a body collected. We TORE roots..."?

Just a thought. As I say I like the piece a lot, I like the angry rush and choice of language and of course the theme, the death of mystery. Why did you choose deadly flowers in Scotland, by the way? Do you have a connection?

sam of the ten thousand things said...

I like this, Sandra. Good piece. Great ending.

Sandra said...

Thanks guys!

Justin, your comment made me laugh. I would be a terrible precinct captain of anything, but especially a Republican anything.

Shug, the reference to Scotland is grounded in fact. That's where the E.B. originated. The poet Robert Burns was one of the original contributors, actually.

It's interesting that you went back to reconsider the tense. I did too. I'm not sure, yet, if the speaker has fully escaped the scientist persona. Sure he's regretful now...but does that mean he wouldn't actually do his work next week? The week after?

Thanks Sam! Always nice when you stop by to see a poem.

shug said...

Gawd you learn something new every day. I knew that Burns' publisher was William Smellie who was the main man behind the EB but I've never seen anything to suggest Burns contributed.

Ah, the daysz when Scotland ruled the world.