May 23, 2008


Remember how I said I felt cagey, waiting for "something"? Well that something long-faithful ibook died. Poof. Ooof. Taking all my emails, documents, itunes purchases, etc. with it (yes, I had it backed up, but only partially).

While I'm in New York they'll be recovering the data, and I look forward to a Monday of computer-shopping. But in the meantime: if we've been emailing back and forth and now you see me go quiet for a few days, you know the reason.

It's not editorial! It's technical. It's not you, it's me. = )


ellen said...

so sorry about your iBook. mine recently had to have it's hard drive wiped clean.... i was throughly backed up so was able to save everything.
one note for your information....
when i recovered all of my emails (which, miraculously, were faithfully in their selected folders) i found that the search feature could not find them. only new emails (after the re-install) showed up. i figured out a way around this..... i had to open each and every one of the stored emails before the search feature would "recognize" them. i'm sure there is a better way, i just wanted to alert you to this in case you use the search feature.

hope the launch party went well last night.
i have work in #9 as a photo finalist.

best, ellen jantzen

Valerie Loveland said...

I am backing my stuff up right now.

Martha Silano said...

Soooooo sorry about the crashing of your ibook, Sandra. Ouch, ooch, that must hurt. Yet will it spur me on to do ANY backing up? Nope, not for a second.

Matthew Thorburn said...

Sorry I missed you in NYC, SB. Hope the reading was fun!

So --Did you get a cool new laptop?