May 02, 2008

Good mean people will actually read it?





Lydia said...

What a treat to read Justin Evans' review of your book. He certainly is anything but an Untalented Writer; what a thoughtful, marvelous review. I've been reading his blog and I must leave a comment about this post.

I can't imagine how this must all feel to you. What a heady time.

I'm definitely planning on ordering your book, the first book of poetry I've bought since the complete Yeats!

Karen J. Weyant said...

Oh yes -- we bought it, we read it, and we read some of the poems out loud to our classes...

Justin's review is wonderful -- my personal favorites are "Holiday" and "Theories of Falling."

KATE EVANS said...

Very cool.

A friend told me recently she was sitting on a San Francisco bus--and someone sitting across from her was reading my book!