July 20, 2007

You. Yes, You.

Thanks to Fred Sasaki for pointing out the "You Are Beautiful" Project in his Harriet Blog. The official YAB website is here.

No witty, cynical commentary. Just...enjoy.

After all, it is Friday.

And if you're in the DC area, come out on Sunday and support a (formerly) local poet, as Van Jordan, author of Rise and M-A-C-N-O-L-I-A, returns to town to read from his new book, Quantum Lyrics:

Sunday, July 22, 4:00 pm
Karibu Books - The Mall at Prince George's
3500 East-West Hwy., Hyattsville, MD
#(301) 559-1140 (Free)

1 comment:

dan said...

That is so fantastic.
Have you been to the Compliment Machine on 14th street yet?
Sort of the same perspective.
It's next to Candida's Books.
I think it's there through this weekend.