July 26, 2007


I've been tinkering with my website, trying to get images smoothed out. Check out the new navigation bar here. My learning curve for HTML and digital imagery has been slow, but it IS a joy to realize I have, in fact, acquired a few skills over the past two years. Having Adobe Photoshop makes imaged editing a lot easier. Also, the availability of free, vivid, unique, photographs and clipart--such as the little image at left, which it took me only about 5 seconds to make--is completely mindboggling to those of us who remember life before the internet. Am I the only one with fond memories of the "King Tut" bitmap, available only by running Paint Shop Pro X on my Amiga 500?

Nervously awaiting August, the month o'poems. Ten brave souls will mount a quest for daily drafts. It's not too late to join--just email me.


Jessica Smith said...

beautiful new bar :)

Valerie Loveland said...

I like all the orange in the navigation bar.