June 11, 2009

Onwards, Upwards, and with a Little Shimmy

New York was lovely--thanks to everyone who attended, and to the folks at louderARTS for bringing me on as a featured reader. Mazz Swift, the featured electric violinist, was amazing. (I originally typed that as "amazon," and that's kind of true as well. She's an outrageously awesome presence.) Every time I go to New York I feel a bit more oriented; the city becomes both smaller and denser, as I start to understand that two different worlds can be as close as parallel blocks. This trip's discoveries included Trinity Church (I'm not always inclined, but this one is has the perfect size and intimacy), the waterfront cafe near the office of Poets & Writers, and the fact that my sister lives practically on top of the KGB Bar.

The reading below, tomorrow at Art-o-matic, will be my last appearance in the DC area for a while. I'm gettin' out of of dodge for a month, for a Jentel Artist Residency stint just outside of Sheridan, Wyoming. I'll have internet access and I'll be blogging from the colony--in fact, I'll probably be blogging more, since my last two weeks have been preoccupied with readying for the trip. But if you're in the area, I'll hope to see you one last time before I go, at the reading listed below. It's going to be a party.

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