June 14, 2009

Born to Run

...And then, sometimes, you quit your job. Even in a bad economy. Even when it's a good job. This book won't write itself!

Tomorrow I am on my way to the Jentel Artist Residency outside Sheridan, Wyoming, sharing a house with five other artists for a month. I've already shipped myself a box of books, oatmeal, a handful of DVDs (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; A Room With a View; Born Into This). I'm packing binoculars for birdwatching. I'm packing this darned digital camera with the intent of learning to use it. I'm packing tank tops for the days, sweaters for the nights, and the only pair of strappy high-heeled shoes ever designed by Tevas (practical soles! I swear!). I'm tucking a small bottle of Glenlivet deep into the depths of my checked bag as a reward for surviving the two flights and two-and-a-half-hour shuttle from Billings, Montana.

Once settled I will launch headlong into outlining, drafting, and (I hope) a little poetry-ing. I can't wait.

A snapshot of Jentel, courtesy of their website:


Tony Renner said...


darcie dennigan said...

Hey Sandra, hurray and good for you! Congratulations on this decision and your new book and the one you will be writing!

Matthew Thorburn said...

Sounds great, Sandra. Here's wishing you lots of good writing days and night. Enjoy it!

Stephanie Goehring said...

Wow, big news! Happy writing!

giulia said...

Good for you. Every time I've done something similar, it worked out. Somehow. If I lagged, what-a-mess. An imaginary toast to you, my dear.

Susan S.

Maggie May said...

Wonderful...good writing