May 21, 2009

Sun, Sea & Miles of Traffic

In this Sunday's Washington Post Magazine you can find my latest in the series of "XX Files" columns. This one is about the prides and perils of highschool talent shows:

"Blue skies," I warbled. "Smiling at me ... " Except no one was smiling. My classmates' faces were glazed with boredom as they waited to rehearse. It was just hours before the talent show, and my voice was shaky, my tempo off. My choreography consisted of pacing the stage and gesturing with a waist-level sweep of my hand I hoped would look jazzy. It looked as though I was cleaning crumbs off an invisible table.

Today I am headed up to Connecticut, to celebrate one of my favorite couples ever on the occasion of their wedding. The traffic will be ugly but sometimes, the motive justifies even the most onerous means. Enjoy the holiday weekend!


Stephanie Goehring said...

So now I have to ask: Did she ever start painting again?

Lisa Allender said...

Yes, Sandra, is she painting?
LOVE this essay, and this blog-entry, btw!Peace, woman.

Sandra said...

I don't blog about my family in real-time...too invasive. But everyone's doing well. It is lovely that you were inspired to ask.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, as always, on a great piece in WP. Way to go, S!