September 10, 2008

Think You've Got It?

Because MIPOesias is taking auditions for the 2008 "Sexy Issue":

"For consideration of the next SEXY ISSUE, please send a link to an author photo and a sample poem of your work found online. Do not send attachments. If I like what I read, you will receive an invitation to submit new work and photographs for the SEXY ISSUE.

Please do not submit if you are unable to send in from 20 photos of yourself photographed in different views and backdrops in high resolution 300 dpi.

To view our past sexiness, please stop by here.

Please note that I will only respond to authors I wish to feature after receiving the email audition. No rejections will be sent out. That would be too cruel. So if you do not hear from me within two weeks please take the silence as a no.

Email mipoesias at gmail dot com and place on subject line MIPO IS SEXY.

The issue will be available as a pdf file and also in print through amazon. Only ten poets will make the cut. For this special issue of MiPO, I will offer those that pass the audition one contributor hard copy.

Thank you and good luck!
Didi Menendez
Publisher and Editor"

20 photos?!? Hmmm. The Washington Post made me take 24 "self-portraits" with a disposable camera, and that was a form of torture. Not sure I'm a hardy enough soul for this project...on the other hand, this is one sweet photo they got of Ken Rumble in last year's issue:


Maggie May said...

when i read that line about how many photos in such and such way in such and such resolution i thought it was a joke!

mgushuedc said...

At least, with this one, when you lose, you can say with impunity: It was a beauty contest.

That's almost a relief.

Shann Palmer said...

it's not a joke?

Sandra said...

Oh, I think Didi is not kidding *at all* about the number of photos or the fact they need to be hi-res. That's just how she rolls.

Greg said...

"I'm too sexy for my sonnet, too sexy for my pantoum, too sexy for my lines, too sexy for my rhymes...." Please don't enter, Sandra, cuz no one else will have a chance. ;--)

newzoopoet said...

Go for it, Sandra!!

Eduardo C. Corral said...

damn! thanks for that pic of rumble. he's so hot.

Ken Rumble said...

Hey Sandra, thanks -- it's all a question of lighting really. And really, I think you've got what it takes for a sexy issue -- all you need is a pair of boxing gloves and a good spritzer (mine's name is Alex (I can give you his number if you like.....))