September 08, 2008


My weekend:
Splendid Open House at the Writer's Center.
Dinner party, complete with poodle.
Farmer's Market.
Duckpin Bowling.
Mad Men.
Scotch & gummi bears.
True Blood.
When Harry Met Sally.

Please note that I've filled in all kinds of logistical details for September and October readings, both here and on my website. I am particularly excited to be traveling to Atlanta, Greensboro, and New York City. For DC folks, please consider coming out to hear me read with Susan Settelmyre Williams this Monday (September 15) at the Cafe Muse Series. An emergency forced Susan to cancel her DC reading earlier this year, so I'm particularly thrilled to have a second chance. Her book, Ashes in Midair, won the 2007 Poetry Book Contest from Many Mountains Moving, selected by Yusef Komunyakaa.

My September 25 reading in Greensboro, North Carolina, is in celebration of the latest issue of Cave Wall, just out for Summer/Fall 2008. Cave Wall is a splendid little journal ably edited by the wonderful Rhett Iseman Tull; it could be the next generation of Poetry, in both physical format and aesthetic aspiration. I have three poems in the new issue, and you can read "Another Failed Poem about the Greeks" on the Cave Wall website.


Maggie May said...

ah WHMS...a tonic for madness, like any movie with Tom Hanks. lullabies for adults.

Valerie Loveland said...

Fun poem!

Dan said...

"True Blood."

Mmmmm, Stephen Moyer.