August 11, 2008

(3 A.M. Sestina Draft)



M. C. Allan said...

Ha! Sandra, I love this one -- insightful and also damn funny. Ever checked out Richard Grossman's book "The Animals"? I really think it's amazing -- full of witty (often acerbic) animal persona poems.

(BTW, I lived in Australia for three years and never saw one of these guys alive, even at the zoo. The day I went to the Taronga zoo, the platypus had been conveniently removed for "cleaning." I'm still not convinced the species isn't an elaborate practical joke by a group of naughty Australian geneticists.)

Justin Evans said...

This is wonderful! I am so happy I did not miss this one.

Gail White said...

I love this blog, the sestina, the entry on anthologies, all of it!

Please visit my website sometime -

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Enjoying your work with sestinas, Sandra.