July 08, 2008

(3 A.M. Sestina Draft)



Justin Evans said...

In te immortal words of Pooh, "Oh, bother."

You shake sestinas out of your pen easily as drying your hair.

Some day I will be able to wrap my head around the form and write at least one!

Sandra said...

I think I just like excuses to stay up late.

Nick said...

Thanks for the read.

Anonymous said...

I like your sestina. I have written mine yet--
Thanks for visiting my site. I'm going to put your page under my links so it is easier to visit.

Maggie May said...

i really enjoy some of the imagery here, and the ease of your flow / plus i think it's funny that we both used an aching tooth as imagery for most recent poems

i just wrote my first ever sonnet. i am NOT putting it up. it's probably horrible, i can hardly tell because i put so much effort into it. it's like birthing your child: you can hardly do all that work and then say 'oh how ugly!'

or at least, not right away.


Anonymous said...


I haven't commented, but I have been reading your early morning sestinas and I am more than impressed with their their depth and meditativeness of the tone. I've enjoyed them all, and marvel at your talent to write them so seemingly effortlessly. Thanks for posting them.

Sandra said...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I'm not sure where these are going yet (can't imagine them fitting into a book MS), but I figure I might as well write them as they pop up into my head. Sestinas definitely coincide with insomnia and restlessness.

Maggie May, I completely understand wanting to keep that sonnet "safe" from eyes for a while. Let it sit. I find that form poems, especially, benefit from being allowed to settle and then being re-read for small missteps in the metrical line.

Anonymous said...

I tried to write a sestina, but it was a disaster. I very much appreciate your talent after that endeavor. Hope all is well. Take care.