April 08, 2008

We Pause From Our Regularly Scheduled Poeming

...the horror of taxes (Schedule C!) has temporarily derailed my drafting. But while today's poem germinates, a couple of things:

This Sunday, at the Writer's Center in Bethesda, MD, I'll be reading poetry with Kyle Dargan. The reading starts at 2 PM, with a reception to follow; the Center (4508 Walsh Street) is accessible from the Bethesda metro, but also has a parking lot right outside.

This is going to be really fun. Kyle is an old friend from UVA days and a great poet (his second book, Bouquet of Hungers, was just published by University of Georgia). This will probably be my first time holding Theories of Falling in my hot little hands. Yes, finally...I'm told somewhere, out there, bound copies exist! So if you're in the DC area, please come out. There is much to celebrate.

Speaking of celebrations, I had a wonderful time meeting and reading with Meghan O'Rourke at the Long Island University Poetry Center last week. The drive was long (10 hours, round trip, including a haul up the New Jersey Turnpike) and no one likes to start their "book tour" sans book. But Isaac Cates was a charming host who took us out to a Thai dinner beforehand (diver scallops in red curry, mmmmm), and the students--mostly undergrads--were engaged even at this late date in the semester. I was particularly thrilled to finally meet Dan.

And on the way home, a phone call with good news that I can't tell you...just yet.

Oh, and: I'm really enjoying this new magazine, FOU. Gorgeous.


Jehanne Dubrow said...

Ooooh, tell us! Tell us!

Dan said...

Sandra, I was thrilled to meet you too! (But you already knew that, lol.)

Keep up the great NaPoWriMo-ing!