April 22, 2008

The Reason We're Here

It's always good to find a beautiful poem by someone new to your eye:

"[The line between heaven and earth]" by Michael McGriff

Mr. McGriff's first book, Dismantling the Hills, won the 2007 Agnes Starrett Lynch Prize and will be published this year by the University of Pittsburgh.


Lydia said...

McGriff's poem truly disturbed me, so I looked at some of the comment threads there at Slate and found I wasn't alone in my reaction. Obviously, the poem works because it churned me up. It also highlighted the theme of my Earth Day blog post. God, all these goodbyes to nature and all these excuses . . . oh well, at least your blog was good to find (via Untalented Writer blog).

Sandra said...

Churning is good! Churning is always good.

Glad you like the blog. = )