March 18, 2008

Poking my head above ground...

...hoping I don't see my shadow.

First, a little nudge: if you're in the DC area please consider coming out for my POESIS reading tomorrow night, at 7 PM. POESIS is held at the Borders in Arlington, Virginia (1201 Hayes Street, near the Pentagon City metro/Blue line). There's always live music courtesy of Shep Williams (keyboards) and Curly Robinson (percussion), so it's a good time. I'll be reading with Sydney March--a Jamaican poet, essayist, and journalist who teaches at Montgomery College. I have a copy of his “Stealing Mangoes” chapbook (Mica Press, 1997), and I know he's recently put together an anthology of fiction and poetry called “Writers on the Green Line.”

I was hoping this would be my first chance to have the book in hand, but no such luck--there's been a hold up at the printers (problems with a few of the plates and the color balance on the cover). Ooof! Those of you who have asked, don't you worry--when it's out, I'll be sounding a barbaric yawp from the rooftops. You'll know.

Coming soon: a report from the Witter Bynner Prize reading at the Library of Congress...

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