March 11, 2008

Do they give a badge for this?

The joys of moving:

-New paint job
-Placing the rocking chair just so
-New toaster oven
-New business cards
-Mercilessly editing one's scarf collection
-Arranging art

The perils of moving:

-Boxes of books
-Boxes of books
-Boxes of books
-Cleaning burners crusty from someone else's cooking
-Boxes of books

Speaking of making lemonade from lemons, consider the bad luck of Juliette Gordon Low. Low made it through the Civil War and saddled herself with a alcoholic womanizer (who insisted on moving his mistress into the house). She became deaf at the age of 26 when a grain of rice thrown at her own wedding punctured her eardrum.

What did she go on to do?

She founded the Girl Scouts.

If she can do that, I can at least get these damn books unpacked.


mgushuedc said...

Ha! Yes. Boxes of books X 3 had me laughing.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Gawd. I remember schlepping my books across the country . . . twice. Horrible experience. Very horrible.

I hate having my books in boxes. Not a fun thing.

Anyway, I hope pictures of your new place are forthcoming.

Jessica Smith said...

omg... yes... i just finished unpacking my "necessary" books this week (and i moved what, 2 mos. ago?)... and there are like a dozen more boxes of books in storage. at this point i can't even imagine what's in those boxes! boxes of books are such a pain-- so repetitive. i wish they had, like, public book repositories where you could borrow books and not have to keep them at your house.

the girl scouts story is amazing. and leave it to a patriarchal institution to deafen you. just a harbinger of the muteness to come.

(i'm not cynical.)

Anne said...

Sandra - when you can pull yourself out of all those boxes, check out the Ploughshares blog (this post). Pay special note to the paragraph that begins "Some recent covers I've liked". :)

Sandra said...

I'm enjoying the commiseration of moving...glad I'm not the only poet with a paper-hoarding problem.
; )

Anne, that's amazing! Thanks for pointing it out.

cc said...

An alcoholic womanizer... they don't teach you that in the Girl Scouts.

I applaud you for unpacking your books. Most of my books remain under the staircase from my move 6 years ago.