February 04, 2008

Post-AWP Pop Quiz

Which of the following things happened at this year's AWP conference?

1) I petted a cheetah.

2) I went through a bottle of Cragganmore single malt scotch.

3) A prizewinning poet said "There's a bathtub here--any of you girls feeling dirty?"

4) I drew a flower on Ali Stine.

5) I helped fire a cannon.

6) Martin Amis apologized for scandalizing me.

7) I cheered as seven poets competed for a tiara. The winner had drawn a goatee and moustache on her face.

8) Shafer Hall got me a "Double O."

9) A poet spontaneously composed a limerick for me rhyming "Beasley," "teasingly," and "measly."

10) All of the above, my friends. All of the above.

I love AWP.

P.S. - And yes, the panel went well.


Matthew Thorburn said...

Any of these sound pretty awesome. I'm sorry I missed meeting you there, Sandra.

Catnapping said...

...sounds like a great time was had by all!

Robin said...

Now that's a great AWP post. Perhaps even better than the conference! Sorry I missed you though. Robin

Justin Evans said...

I'm so happy your panel went well. I have wanted to meet Brian Turner for a long time now, but we only get to e-mail each other.

Thanks for sharing.

Shafer said...

Thanks for all the scotch. There was a terrifying lack of hard liqour at the Stain Bar. I'll see you in DC once Mr. Jeffrey gets settled down.

mgushuedc said...

Definitions of Double O on the Web:

* (Hunting) A simple puddle duck rig consisting of two groups of decoys separated by a landing zone about 10 yards across.


Amy said...

So great to see you--thank goodness for your flask!

Leah Browning said...

This is hilarious! I had a great time at AWP, but there's no way I could compete with this list. I'm impressed.

franzgeistworm said...

I was drunk. Conditions were rough.
For rhyming, “Beasley” is tough.
For justice, o Sandra,
I’d need a true mantra.
A limerick is just not enough.