February 26, 2008

Hunger Pangs

"She eats like a bird," an old boyfriend used to joke. "A huge, voracious, bird."

I have a lot of reading and writing to be doing these days (is EVERYTHING due March 1?). Yet all I can think about it...soup. Specifically, butternut squash soup--though Chinese Noodle soup from Teaism would also be acceptable.

Perhaps it's the grey weather in DC, or the many variations of stress, but I'm starving. And certain foods feel more "bookish" than others, pairing naturally with the turning of pages. Some favorites:

-Steel-cut oatmeal with almonds
-Hunan dumplings over a bed of arugula
-Butterhead lettuce, loosely chopped and drizzled in olive oil
-Chilled sweet potatoes in sesame-miso sauce (also from Teaism)
-Kale with stewed tomatoes and chickpeas
-Pork chili with red beans

What are your rainy-day-writing foods?


Valerie Loveland said...

I am also a fan of oat meal, but I put in a chopped banana.

Anonymous said...

You’re it! I’ve tagged you for a six-word memoir. Check out the instructions at http://bernadettegeyer.blogspot.com/2008/02/tagged-my-6-word-memoir.html

Lisa Allender said...

Grilled cheese sandwich, homemade tomato soup. With garlic, tumeric. And LOTS of hot tea.
Hey Sandra--check out my blog...'cause I tagged you with a Meme, a few entries ago...