October 29, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

We pause for this design loveliness, dedicated to Cornshake:

These snapshots--and the extensive tour HERE--are of a San Francisco store called The Curiosity Shoppe, just down the road from the 826 Valencia Writing Center (run by the McSweeney's crew). This is one of those stores that is, in and of itself, a work of art. Beautiful color coordination, custom wood display shelving, and hey--porcelain peanuts! Did you know you even needed those? Just one more reminder that I must go to San Francisco, ideally with a pocket full of money. Thanks to Design*Sponge for making a Monday morning a little more bearable with these distractions.


cornshake said...

ha--you know me well. designsponge is also one of my timesucks. ;)

Oliver de la Paz said...

Goodness! I love the card catalog storage . . . I've got CD's pouring out of my closet and that would be perfect. Office furniture=pr0n.