April 22, 2007

5 Books Off the Beaten Path

Since I am temporarily out of NaPoWriMo commission, let me respond to a tag from Sam, on five books of poetry you must read, but likely have not yet.

***Loose Woman by Sandra Cisneros (Vintage Editions)
This was the book I read in high school that made me fall in love with poetry, especially the poem "Night Madness Woman":

"Choose your weapon.
Mine--the telephone, my tongue.
Both black as a gun."

[I love the fact that now, all Blog keyword searches for "loose woman Sandra" will come here.]

***Kazimierz Square by Karen Chase (Cavankerry Press)
I found this tucked away in the library of a writing colony and lived with it for a month. Fresh and funny.

***Palace of Ashes by Sherry Fairchok (Cavankerry Press)
Fairchok's focus on Pennsylvania mining culture is an unforgettable subject portrayed in quiet, moving poems.

***Orpheus and Eurydice by Gregory Orr (Copper Canyon Press)
Probably the strongest self-contained lyric sequence I have ever read; physically, a startlingly elegant book.

***Ghost Letters by Richard McCann (Alice James Books)
Although Richard has concentrated on his prose in recent years, his poetry has the same strengths--beautiful imagery, merciless insight, a real attention/affection for our human flaws.

Okay Carly, Deborah -- your turn.

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