January 04, 2018

2018 Poet Bloggers ~ The Revival Tour!

A bunch of folks, including some of whom I've tracked closely in the last fifteen years of our writing lives, decided to reinvigorate their blogs for the new year. I'm really excited about this, because--even in a world rife with social media and sharing, with Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr--this space seems to bring out a different kind of thought-process, particularly among poets. I'm in. Chicks still dig poetry. 

Below is the list of bloggers who are part of the Revival Tour. If you're a poet with a blog, please join us by leaving a comment over at the blog of Donna Vorreyer

Ringleaders of This New Year’s Resolution:

Kelli Russell Agodon  http://ofkells.blogspot.com/   

Bloggers to Follow* on the Revival Tour:

*This list is current as of January 3, 2018; I'll be updating my blogroll, as well.

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