July 12, 2011

Birth of a Book

I have to admit: I wasn't sure what to expect today. So much of what would pop up as "new" to the big, wide world was not new to me. I'd already held the book in my hand. I knew there was a flurry of interviews and guest posts scheduled to go up--my favorite is at eHarmony--but having written them, there was no surprises in store there. I knew good friends would gather at City Grocery, but I've had drinks with them at City Grocery dozens of times before. So I thought: well, we'll just head on down to Square Books. We'll see. And this is what I found...

The flowers my mom had delivered to me, care of the bookstore. 

A stack of copies--more than I'd ever seen in one place before!

Then I turned around and realized, Oh my goodness. That was just the stack of extras. Here's the real stack, complete with a teaser for my July 26 reading.

A friend walked in, said hello, and the next thing I knew...my book was at the check-out counter! (If this photo is a bit blurry, I know it's because I looked really strange photographing a banal commercial process.)

This is me with that friend--Jere, aka the man I got to see buy my book on the day my book went on sale. He's pretty much my favorite person on God's green earth right now.

Sometimes a day of celebration doesn't have to be epic. Sometimes it's the small gestures of the people who love you. Sometimes it's taking a deep breath and knowing: So it begins.


Kristin said...

Congratulations! I just got word that my copy is on its way; I plan to dive right in and write a review on my blog in the not too distant future.

Good luck with this latest publication--you deserve it!

dylan said...

I'm loving this book, Sandra!
& flowers--what a mom.

allergymom said...

Hi Sandra,
I heard about your book through an allergy group I belong to. I am eager to read it and will try and make it to the book store this week. As I type this letter, I am sitting outside the classroom where my enthusiastic, energetic, curious, beautiful and highly allergic four year old daughter is attending a science camp. My daughter, Katelyn, shares many of your allergies, namely dairy, egg, treenuts, peanuts, fish and mustard (her most severe). I have not been courageous enough to try shellfish. My heart can't withstand the oral challenges for the time being. I am trying so hard to give her the "normal" childhood that your parents strived to give you. It is such a balancing act, something that I struggle with daily. I have so many questions about how your parents succeeded in doing this dance of instilling confidence and a sense of adventure, all while ensuring you were safe in a world that was a lot less accommodating to those with allergies. I struggle with the idea of letting go and trusting others to be as vigilant as I am. I wonder how I can avoid being a hovering, helicopter parent who sees food as an enemy. I look forward to reading about this issue in your book. It gives me hope to know there are others with multiple allergies that have successfully navigated this world and clearly thrived! Thanks in advance for sharing it with all of us. Sincerely, Stephanie Dehn

Sandra said...

Dear Stephanie,

What an incredibly sweet and generous note! Yes, I completely understand the struggle to balance wanting to protect your child with the knowledge that it is important not to hover too closely. I certainly examine that issue in the book, which I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to contact me directly outside this blog--you can find my email address (and it is truly MY address) on my website, www.sandrabeasley.com.

Best wishes,