March 14, 2009

As featured in this Sunday's Washington Post Magazine "XX File"

Seconds after swallowing the first bite of mango-topped pork, my throat begins to itch. Oh, no. I thought mango was Sandra-friendly. I'd tested out mango-tinis and mango salsa without a hitch. My gut cramps. I unzip my purse, sliver the foil of a Benadryl with my thumbnail and palm the pill into my mouth.....

[The layout people seem to have lost my italics throughout the piece, but I'm hoping they are rediscovered sometime soon.]


NellieJames said...

Sandra - my 6 yrold daughter has severe food allergies to all nuts, seeds, soy, milk and egg. I stumbled across your post mag article, read it with intense curiousity and then unexpectedly started to weep! Weep because I've been so focused on the "here and now" of my little girl's situation, that it never hit me what it would be like for her as an adult - in college, traveling abroad, in a relationship.

Thank you so much for your bold, blunt, funny, twisted and eloquent portrayal of what life is like for someone with food allergies.

You described what I live thru daily since I am her advocate...I'm the "uptight american" but in our case, I'm the sometimes high-maintenance, sometimes embarrassed, sometimes frustrated, sometimes in your face parent that you get in restaurants or in classrooms or on the playground.

But, unlike you and her, I've never actually experienced a reaction and your perspective was really enlightening and helpful and devastating at the same time.

I'm the one that gets up to check if she's still breathing at night after an "episode" can I entrust her to anyone else's care when she's older??!!!

My daughter will undoubtedly live with much of this her entire life and I thank you for your insight and unabashed honesty, humor, self-awareness and perspective that only comes from dealing with something like this first-hand.

I will follow your work, hold onto it and pass along to my daughter when she's old enough to get it - and I know you will empower her and many others.

Thank you.

Steve Rogers said...

Great piece, Sandra. The first thing I read when I opened up the Post this morning. I hope you will tell the italics we missed them, if and when they show up.