October 15, 2008

Pure Excitement

I am off to New York for ten days, for the Poets & Writers Maureen Egen Exchange Award. I'm staying first at the Library Hotel--for which I am giving P&W my firstborn child, because I have always dreamed of this place and NEVER been able to afford it--and then with my dear friend in Brooklyn.

I am meeting with fellow writers and some people I have admired for a very long time, and I am getting to do it in places like the Rainbow Room, Kittichai, and Sushi Samba.

On Sunday, October 19, at 3 PM I will read at the Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe (126 Crosby Street).

On Thursday, October 23, I will take a train to visit a class and read at SUNY Stony Brook.

On Friday, October 24 I will take the Amtrak home to DC. Have I mentioned I love train rides? I love train rides.

And I just learned that the new issue of Black Warrior Review is out, complete with "Bitch and Brew"--EIGHT sestinas published as part of the Black Warrior Review Chapbook Series. They will even ship some copies to New York.

This is how a poet writes reads when she's got nothing to complain about. = ) Come back later, when I am stressed once more, and therefore more poetic.


Shann Palmer said...

Wow!! You are fabulous!

Have so much fun you can't stand it!

32poems.com said...

How faboo!

I visited the Egan website, and they do not list one poet from Maryland as a winner. What's wrong with Maryland, I must ask?