September 27, 2007

What day is it?

To anyone I owe an email, I'm sorry.
To anyone I missed on Monday, I'm *really* sorry.

I have been...well, "sick" doesn't quite cover it. Fevered, bed-bound, I haven't had solid food since Sunday. This is not a weight loss plan I recommend. I made it through the horse races just fine, oddly enough, but I have missed everything--and I mean everything--since then. Back next week. I promise.

In the meantime, a very important local bookstore, Chapters, is in danger of closing. Technically, it WILL close--at its current location--but it is trying to raise the money to lease a new and improved space incorporating the bookstore into a larger non-profit Literary Arts Center. Find out how you can support their efforts HERE ... and think about attending one of their last two readings: tonight, featuring Stanly Plumly, or tomorrow (Friday), featuring Reuben Jackson and Kwame Dawes. Both at 7 PM, 445 11th Street NW (very close to Metro Center).

I cannot say loudly enough: Chapters is a treasured independent bookstore and a vital part of DC's literary and readings scene. Please support it if you can.


Nick said...

Get well!

Oliver de la Paz said...

Oh, Sandra. . . get better. Your ailment sounds awful.

As for the potential closing of another independent bookstore--it sends tremors throughout the world of writing.