June 06, 2007

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

...well, howdy. Nice to see you again. Mr. Thorburn re-tagged me some time ago for 5 songs to knock my socks off, so I will start things off by offering:

-"Gnossienne no.1" by Erik Satie (most recently used on the soundtrack to The Painted Veil, which as adaptations go was very very good.)

-"Rise" by Bitch (formerly of Bitch & Animal, Bitch plays a mean electric violin and...wait for it...ukulele. But not on this track. She also tends to show up in strange places, like a Bright Eyes music video or the movie Shortbus. You shall know her by her multicolored dreads and Rainbow Brite socks.)

-"Blue Angel" by Rose Polenzani (Another musician I've had the pleasure of splitting a bottle of wine with, Rose will be part of a house concert in DC the evening of Thursday, June 7...if you're interested contact Three Word Productions).

-"Snow is Gone" by Josh Ritter (I've already gushed about Ritter's latest album, "The Animal Years," but this is from "Hello Starling," an earlier record.)

-And though it's on the beaten path, the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil." Because that lyric about Anastasia screaming in vain makes me pause every time. And while I don't worship at the feet of Tony Hoagland, I do think there's a bit more room for cruelty in art.


Andrew Shields said...

when the Blitzkrieg raged and the bodies stank ...

Not your ordinary pop song, that one.

Nick said...

Yup no. 5 works for me. By the way I nominated your blog for a Thinking Blogger's Award. For details check:


Zuotang Zhang said...

I enjoy reading your poems. Keep writing so I can keep reading.