May 05, 2007

Quick notes: The Cinco de Mayo edition

Celebrate my birthday today...thousands of Mexicans can't be wrong.

Deb tagged me to list "5 songs that knock my socks off." I might revise or elaborate, but here's a starting lineup. My choices are based entirely on "which songs do I get sucked into singing along to, at the top of my lungs, EVERY time I hear them?"

Sinnerman by Nina Simone
Waltz #2 by Elliott Smith
Everything is Everything by Lauryn Hill
Deep Red Bells by Neko Case
Say It Ain't So by Weezer


Yeah, it's a goofy list. So sue me! I'm the birthday girl.

For those in the DC area: next Sunday, MAY 13, from 6-8 PM, I'll be reading at Club Iota in Arlington, VA (2832 Wilson Blvd., #703 256-9275) with a great writer, Ellen Cole. An open mic will follow. I'll debut some of the revised NaPoWriMo poems and possibly, tap dance (depends on the crowd). Mothers are welcome; there's even a bar. How relevant the latter is to the former depends, of course, on your particular mother.


Reen said...

Happy Cinco de Sandra!

Oliver de la Paz said...

Happy Birthday! I'll raise my margarita glass in your honor.

Anne said...

Happy happy birthday!

Ivy said...

Happy, happy birthday! :-D

Ivy said...

Anne! Snap! Heehee!

I'm raising my glass of Malibu and orange juice -- refreshing!

Steven D. Schroeder said...

Happy birthday!

Don said...

Happy Birthday! (Belatedly, at 1:42 a.m.)
I'd go with El Scorcho by Weezer as one of those songs I sing along with (Or The Spark That Bled by The Flaming Lips).

Nick said...

Happy belated birthday. Cheers!

Robin said...

A VERY happy birthday to YOU!