June 12, 2006

In Which We Actually Report Poetry Matters

The new 32 Poems is out, and I am thrilled to pieces to find myself the featured poet on the magazine's webpage, to be found here. I haven't had time to digest the issue yet, but Curtis Bauer and Steve Mueske are always welcome names to see, and closing poems by Terese Svoboda and Megan Snyder-Camp have already caught my eye (that's right, I'm one of those types who immediately flips to the back of the book). If you haven't seen an issue yet, take a chance and order one--they are of simple, classy design and pocket-friendly size. Still trying to convince Deb Ager to come out with the scratch-and-sniff edition...but I am a patient woman, and wily in my ways of persuasion.

In other grand news, Big Game Books guru (and fellow UVA grad) Maureen Thorson has just
won a 2006 PSA Chapbook Fellowship, selected by Heather McHugh. She's being suspiciously quiet about it--perhaps, for someone of the DIY school, there's a perverse shame at such mainstream recognition. But I have no such compunctions or ethics, and will freely trumpet her success. The image here is from the cover of her most recently produced book, The Spectacle of Meat. Each handmade book is not only numbered, but thumbprinted and gilded. They do things right down on Capitol Hill.

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